Chox-Mak & DJ YRS Jerzy performing live in New York at "The Delancey" March 9th

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Chox-Mak & DJ YRS Jerzy performing live in New York at "The Delancey" March 9th

The duo that currently has the industry buzzing right now is none other than Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy. They have had some of the greatest marketing behind them with Jerzy handling the business side of things and Chox-Mak working on all of the music. The continuous work that they have put in has them gaining major familiarity online and in the streets.

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Breakout Star Lady Keyz Climbs the iTunescharts with the Smash Hit Debut Single "You Came to See"

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LOS ANGELES- Chicago born entertainer and rising star Lady Keyz celebrates the release of her debut single You Came to See, moving 14 spots in one week  from #50 to #36 on the iTunes indie charts. The release is the first single from the self-titled forthcoming EP distributed through Sony ‘Red’ Music, SKEELO MUSIK, WHATEVAOK ENTERTAINMENT and Young Lion Records.

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Are major record labels looking to sign Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy ?

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The duo currently terrorizing the streets and the internet are Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy. They have caught the eye of some major people in the last couple of months. Their consistency of dropping projects is what has people very impressed with them. Being independent with out any funds is hard enough but they are grinding through the struggle to succeed.  They are getting noticed on some of the top hip hop websites out there and also picking up heavy radio play in different states.

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Elite Musik's (Next Artists To Blow Up) : DJ YRS Jerzy And Chox-Mak

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DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak are a duo currently taking the internet by storm with their impeccable work ethic and their consistency of dropping projects. These two seem to have come out of no where but it is not like that at all. They have been working the media and getting them selves heard and the most impressive part is that they do everything by them selves. They are already getting features on some of the top hip hop websites and their names just keep getting bigger and bigger as the days go by. Alot of people in the industry have their eyes on these two it is almost hard to see when they aren't dropping projects because they are just so consistent.

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Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy - No Plan B

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Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy are back on the grind yet again with
another single for their fans called "No Plan B". They have teamed up with
S Dot Tizzle who brought the production on the track. "No Plan B" is a
saying that Chox-Mak uses to tell people his music is all that he has and
he is going to do whatever it takes to make it in the music industry.

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