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Warning: Don’t Watch Essential Killing (2010) with Your Dog(s)

by Clipclic / 1,222 Views

Author: Bob Etier

Relentlessly grim, Essential Killing tells the story of a Taliban fighter who is captured by US forces in Afghanistan. After he is captured, he is transported by military vehicle to a “secret detention center in Europe” but there is an accident and he escapes. The remainder of the film chronicles his journey across a snow-covered, unfamiliar landscape (Poland). Vincent Gallo portrays Taliban fighter Mohammed.

There is little dialogue in writer/director Jerzy Skolimowski’s screenplay, and there are no subtitles. When the fighter encounters other people in this desolate landscape, we understand them as well as he does. Essential Killing pits man against man and man against nature, as Mohammad attempts to escape the military, other people who share this unforgiving wilderness (logger, fisherman, hunter), a pack of wild dogs, and the elements. In order to survive, he kills. In one disturbing scene, he pushes a nursing infant away from its mother so that he can partake of her milk.


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The Importance of Online Music PR for EDM and Urban Music Artists

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By: Olamide Sobodu

  In today’s world it seems that everyone wants to be a singer, rapper, producer etc, the list goes on and on, but it has not always been something that   has been achievable to the masses due to restriction such as finding a label that will sign you, and once finding a label, getting a contract that allows the artist to have the creative control they desire. However for a while now the music industry has started to evolve, making the once impossible very possible and its down to two key things, the uprising of the independent record label and the birth of web 2.0, it is now possible for everyone to musician or record label owner.

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RRome - "All That" Freestyle

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August 15(New York, NY) -- Fresh off the release of his radio-friendly single "My Girl", Brooklyn rap wunderkind RRome gives his fans a vivid visual into his lifestyle with his new video to The Game inspired "All That" freestyle.

Filmed in RRome's Canarsie, hometown/stomping grounds, BK's latest emcee prodigy is accompanied by supermodel Coco Francesca, who has appeared in videos
of other well known artists such as 50 Cent and French Montana. With a PYT riding shotgun in his C-Class Benz, RRome shows that he has already embodied the life of a star and is just waiting his turn for a shot at the NYC throne. 


RRome entered the Hip Hop chamber as "RRose RRome" with a scorching single and video "What's The Word", featuring Brooklyn rap bully Uncle Murda. The video was well received, with recognition from publications such as, and RRome has been co-signed by some of Brooklyn's best including UM and Lil' Fame of the legendary duo M.O.P. 

With a push from the world famous DJ Absolut, RRome is set to drop his debut mixtape "Take This Serious", which will be led by the Camp-LO driven "This Is It" freestyle set to drop before the end of the summer.
Twitter | Instagram: RRoseRRome
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Rihanna For American Vogue

by Clipclic / 1,135 Views

Author: Jose Aponte

Like out of an hybrid between her ‘We Found Love’ and ‘Where Have You Been’ videos and hints of the Vogue Glam-fantasy... Rihanna graces the november cover of the American edition, making it her second cover for one of the most influential - and not so respected - editions in the world of fashion editorials.

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