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John Travolta to Help People of Haiti, While Scientology Does Best to Annoy Them

Published: by Clipclic Filed under: News Gossip & Rumors - 2,592 Views
Author: Dawn Olsen

God Bless John Travolta's big, confused and misguided heart. CNN reports Travolta, a licensed pilot, flew his own plane down to Haiti to bring supplies, several doctors, his wife and Scientology ministers.

Er, wait, back up, did that say Scientology ministers? Ok, this went from a mercy mission for the people of Haiti, to a mission to disseminate cult materials and annoy the crap out of an already destitute and broken people. Seriously, let me illuminate you on what a Scientology crisis mission entails.

Scientology trains some of their members to join what they call their "Volunteer Ministries."  The VM, or Vulture Ministries as those in the know call them, are a group of untrained members who go on "relief missions" to the poorest parts of the world or those hit by disaster, under the guise of helping.  However, that's only part of the picture.

Using the religious cloaking they so effectively shroud themselves in, some past missions have included ,the Virginia Tech shooting massacre and recently, opening Scientology schools in India.  While on the surface this sounds great, what you don't see is what actually happens on the ground once they are there.

First, they set up yellow tents with tables that have their various "religious materials" displayed for your viewing pleasure, including their ubiquitous pamphlets advertising their "Bridge to Total Freedom." Then, if they are bored, they will wonder around and see if any other relief organizations have supplies which need to be handed out, like water or food, and these VM's, with their uniforms on proceed to pass out OTHER group's supplies. Kind of a sweet deal if you can get it.

The worse part of all this, because so far, what I've described isn't terribly different than some other religious organizations, is when they start preaching the virtues of Scientology. Or administer their "Free Stress Tests" by using their e-meters (a cheaply-made lie detector) to try and find a victim's "ruin" (the source of his or her's pain, which the Church hopes is something deviant or sexual in nature).  Pat Robertson would love this, as you know, Haiti signed that pact with the Devil two centuries ago.  Oh religion, how you have forsaken us.

I freely admit I am biased in a negative way towards the Church of Scientology. However, after years of reporting on their innate level of malevolence towards anyone who does not rabidly adhere to their philosophies (new-age self-help schlock) I feel responsible to warn the public of their hidden agenda. 

John Travolta is the only Scientologist celebrity I hold any sympathy for, so I am sure, positive in fact, his heart is in the right place.  He wants to help the people of Haiti and probably truly feels by going there, that's what he is doing.  However, for those of us NOT trapped by their cultish devices, all they are doing is impeding progress, harassing the down-trodden and foisting poorly-written Scientology documents on an already overwhelmed and devastated population.

If people really want to help Haiti, give to any of the responsible and reputable relief organizations taking donations for the relief effort.  We recommend checking out our post on donation entry portals, or Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, Unicef, Clinton/Bush Haiti Fund, Hope For Haiti Now.


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