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Little Monsters to Honor Lady Gaga with The Gagaism Awards

Published: by Clipclic Filed under: News Gossip & Rumors - 798 Views

Author: Scott Finley
Lady Gaga’s little monsters are always working hard to support their beloved icon. Between creating elaborate fan videos, organizing massive flash mobs set to the pop stars hits, and gathering outside of every hotel Gaga visits, they are a busy bunch. It’s no wonder Time Magazine once called them the “hardest working fans in show business.” Now they’re taking their love for their Mother Monster one step further with The Gagaism Awards.

The Gagaism Awards honor “the very best of all things Gaga-related,” with award categories such as “Best Born This Way Single” and “Iconic Look of the Era.” Recently added to the awards is a new set of categories that focus on the little monsters themselves, giving the most dedicated and creative among them a much-earned pat on the back with categories such as “Best Fan-Made Lady Gaga Music Video” and “Must-Follow Monster on Twitter.”

Currently in its semi-finals for all but the recently added little monster categories, The Gagaism Awards allows fans to vote as much as they’d like in any category, a rule that will no doubt lead to countless sore fingertips from too much mouse-clicking--that is, if any little monsters still have feeling in their fingertips after spending much of 2011 casting thousands upon thousands of votes for their queen in countless polls pitting Gaga against pretty much every other female pop star in the world.

Cast your votes at and check back here next week when the final nominees are set to be unveiled. Happy clicking!

(Image: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)


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