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Steven Tyler Channels His Inner Rosanne at the AFC Championship

Published: by Clipclic Filed under: News Exclusives - 353 Views

Author: Tricia Weight


Last night Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler did the honors of singing the National Anthem for a hometown crowd at the New England Patriot's AFC championship game. It was a performance that's sure to vie for a spotlight in the annuls of epic stars with epic anthem fails. compared Tyler's vocals to a dying animal--and not in a good way.

It's going to be interesting to see what Steven Tyler has to say as a judge to wide-eyed American Idol hopefuls after yesterday's performance. It's sure to be a great punchline for the coming Idol season--perhaps a cautionary tale as well. Don't warble. Don't screech. And whatever you do, do not lose your shite and tear off your stage gear while glaring down the sound techs. [Aerosmith 1999 Grammy Awards] They will not help you. They do not care.

Unfortunately Steven's performance wasn't the worst of the anthem train wrecks, if it had been he could have at least counted on Madonna jumping to his defense. As it is she'd likely just tell him that he was trying way too hard... And Bootsy called. He wants his scarf back.

Madonna defends Roseanne Barr [1990 National Anthem Incident] (Language warning)

As it stands Tyler's performance wasn't the worst of the worst, and it wasn't the best of the worst anthem disasters either. It seems that the Lord of the Thighs is stuck somewhere in between--National Anthem Purgatory. But in those last few seconds, as fighter jets came barreling overhead, it sounded as if they might actually be dropping a bomb. It reminded me of another such ending...

Christina Aguilera destroys the national anthem LIVE - Hollywood Reacts

We knew right then and there--the end was bloody, frickin' nigh.

Of course, I'm a die-hard Aerosmith fan. Always have been. Always will be. Absolutely one of the best of the arena rock bands; rock stars who helped define the term. And they're still out there keeping the flame. I'd walk to see them live.

And hey, the Patriots won. They're Superbowl bound. That lucky scarf, I'm sure.

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