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The song at the end is "Sanction" from my album DROOP:Bandcamp animation by Maurice: my god!my bleeding heart bleeds blood for you, woah, woahtraveling down this lonely road, woahfacing my hurt, hurting my face, yeah yeah yeahi chainsaw your face off, watching your brains rotting, kiddrain your veins raw, straining your esophagus위하여, 음악에 미친 널 [we-hah-yeo, umage michin null]위하여, 술잔에 비친 널 [we-hah-yeo suljane bichin null][translation: "cheers to you who are crazy for the music! / cheers to you who are reflected on the (wine) glass!"]finding the truthtake it backfinding the truthit's nothingchangeand tesselateas we fight to the deathil mio amore è corrisposto we all dance to the polkafor it is so funstill dancing to the polkawith my accordionlove is everywheresmoke is in the airpick it up, pick it up!oi! oi! oi! oi!pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!oi! oi! oi! oi!a to z, z, za to z, z, za to zas we cross the open seastwoards the call of warour axes we'll freeguided by the hand of thoryeah yeah yeahand our love will never endList of genres:1. Ambient2. Baroque3. Chiptune4. Dubstep5. Emo6. Folk7. Grunge8. Horrorcore9. IDM10. Jazz11. K-Pop12. Latin13. Math Metal14. Noise15. Opera16. Polka17. Quan Ho18. Reggae19. Ska20. Trap21. UK Garage22. Viking Metal23. Wonky24. Xoomii25. Yodel26. Zouk
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