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  • Little Monsters to Honor Lady Gaga with The Gagaism Awards

    Author: Scott Finley
    Lady Gaga’s little monsters are always working hard to support their beloved icon. Between creating elaborate fan videos, organizing massive flash mobs set to the pop stars hits, and gathering outside of every hotel Gaga visits, they are a busy bunch. It’s no wonder Time Magazine once called them the “hardest working fans in show business.” Now they’re taking their love for their Mother Monster one step further with The Gagaism Awards.

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  • John Travolta to Help People of Haiti, While Scientology Does Best to Annoy Them

    Author: Dawn Olsen

    God Bless John Travolta's big, confused and misguided heart. CNN reports Travolta, a licensed pilot, flew his own plane down to Haiti to bring supplies, several doctors, his wife and Scientology ministers.

    Er, wait, back up, did that say Scientology ministers? Ok, this went from a mercy mission for the people of Haiti, to a mission to disseminate cult materials and annoy the crap out of an already destitute and broken people. Seriously, let me illuminate you on what a Scientology crisis mission entails.

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  • It’s Here! The New Elvis CD You’ve Been Waiting For

    Author: Bob Etier

    The “new Elvis CD” can be taken two ways. It could be the new CD by Elvis, or it could be the CD by the new Elvis. Due to the unavailability (to me) of high quality voice recognition software, DNA testing, and voice comparison technology, I will hereby stipulate that Elvis Found Alive, a new CD from Highway 61 Entertainment is exactly as advertised: a brand new collection of songs by the King himself, Elvis Aron Presley, which he recorded under his historic alias “Jon Burrows,” after Joel Gilbert discovered where he’s been living (for further details, see the documentary Elvis Found Alive, available on DVD wherever fine conspiracy theories are sold) for the past few decades. I know what you’re thinking, “If Joel Gilbert says this is really Elvis Presley, then it must be,” and I won’t argue with that. Here.

    The CD kicks off with an inauspicious cover of “Every Breath You Take,” once a hit for the Police. From there it’s all downhill. Perhaps the highlight is a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” which is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes--tears of laughter. When “Elvis” sings Garth Brooks’ megahit, “The Dance,” after the first few notes it’s nearly unrecognizable. “Elvis” sings directly to the audience with “Do You Know Who I Am?,” a nod to his long absence and return.

    Listeners may have a few questions for “Elvis” and Joel Gilbert. For example…a new album by the long-thought-dead Elvis is a certain money-maker, so why the cheesy instrumental back up? Couldn’t you guys have at least sprung for some decent Karaoke? And…why this particular selection of songs? Wouldn’t every songwriter in America be willing to drop everything and pen something incredible for the return of the King? Finally…what didn’t happen to Elvis’ voice? Those familiar with the changes age brought to other popular singers (such as Elvis’ pal Frank Sinatra) expect some age-related changes.

    As for that voice…yeah, “Elvis,” there are times when you sound like Elvis. There are also times when you sound like an Elvis impersonator, and--finally--there are times you sound like a bad Elvis impersonator impersonator impersonating a bad Elvis impersonator. Perhaps your professed love of Elvis impersonators has affected your style and sound.
    Elvis Found Alive
    album was released digitally December 6, 2011, and on CD January 10, 2012. Additional cuts are: “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Lisa Marie,” “After Loving You,” “Big Boss Man,” an especially anemic version of “That’s All Right Mama,” “Right Here Waiting,” “Are You Lonesome Tonight?,” “Hawaiian Wedding Song,” and the flabbergasting “Elvis Is Back Rap.” For more thrilling information about this unbelievable return, visit Elvisfoundalive.com.
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  • Alicia Keys Elated to Raise $3 Million through Her Black Ball Charity Event

    Author: Chakma A

    In line with major events, Alicia Keys self-hosted annual charity Black Ball which was scheduled for November 3 in New York was announced well in advance. Now that the event, having successfully concluded is reported to have raised a staggering $3 million; all the proceeds going to benefit the singer’s own non-profit Keep a Child Alive Foundation which is dedicated to helping HIV/AIDS victims in the African continent.

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  • Ou diable était Lady Gaga la nuit dernière?


    Il semblerait que depuis la couverture de Vogue, Gaga a non seulement accepté son côté masculin, mais a pleinement embrassé être un homme qui semble presque en juxtaposition avec sa croyance en respectant les autres.
    À un certain moment pendant le spectacle VMA des récompenses, Calderone a déclaré que Gaga à utilisé pour «se toucher»  en regardant des affiches dans sa chambre de la chanteuse Britney Spears, qui avait alors approche é la scène pour recevoir un prix décerné par nul autre que fanfaron Gaga et carrément lorgner alter ego.

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