Angel At My Table - Set Your Sails (Music Video)


From AAMT's debut album, "Light" (produced & recorded by Paul Leavitt):

Directed by Daniel CummingsCinematography by TJ Schwingle (Narrative) and Cedric Letsch (Band Performance)Edited and Colored by Crash + Sue's, Minneapolis, MNSpecial thanks to Luca Cepparo and Patrick Pierson.A lot of gratitude for Music:lx, Ministère de la Culture, FOCUNA and start-UP for their continuous support.


Endless time,feel the playful summer breezewhispering secrets in your ears like perfect rhymesthey hold the key to every door, to every fate

Can you feel the sunshine on your faceAs it melts away the cold

Defying all the lies that you've been toldThere's nothing like a warm embraceI'll take you back to times when we were safe and sound

Set your sails nowThe time is right for you to reach out, reach out

For a brighter horizon, leave your ghosts behind, here on the other side, soSet your sails outThe time is right for you to reach out, reach out

Let the wind carry you, as far as you can goCan you feelThe cold inside your bones retreat

Replaced by blazing heatI'm reflecting like a mirror what only nature seesand the flame no longer withers 'cause all your fears've deceased

Set your sails the winds are rightAbandon your ghosts on the other side

Set your sails the time is rightTo finally find your sensational white

Rock and Alternative
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