Early Christian ( Fire )


Tekst / Music ; Dan Tritonian ,Marc Morlock (P) 1969
Philips (België) 320 380
Productie: Roland Verlooven
Dan Tritonian (gitaar, zang)
Frank Pauwels (drums)
Marc Morlock (basgitaar, zang)



Hi,here is a little story about me.
At the age of 14,I was a bass-player in a popband,I was writing songs from the begining.My first contract was with the band "Early Christian" we only made one record,I was 17 years old.After the army (one year),I played in a hardrock band "Jinx", we made 4 records.For about one year I played in a Dutch(Holland)hardrock band"Splendid".
At the age of 28 I was tired of being on the road,so I only wanted to write and produce songs for other artists.
When I wrote "Faire l'amour" the record company wanted me to sing that song myself,it became a hit record and "Marc Morlock"as a singer was born.

Two years after"Je suis content"(my most succesful song in French) I was tyred of being on the road again,and starded a studio-band and record company "Fade Out".
I didn't like the back-stage of the music-business anymore,so I wrote my last song 15years ago.
In that time I lost a lot of knowlege from my French & English language !!

Rock and Alternative Pop Oldies
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