Hotel on Acid - MUSIC EDIT - Fear and Loathing in las vegas


Production Companies
Fear and Loathing LLC
Rhino Films
Shark Productions
Summit Entertainment
Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures (1998) (USA) (theatrical)
Ascot Elite Entertainment Group (1998) (Switzerland) (theatrical)
Svenska Filminstitutet (SFI) (1998) (Sweden) (theatrical)
Tobis Filmkunst (1998) (Germany) (theatrical)
United International Pictures (UIP) (1998) (UK) (theatrical)
United International Pictures (UIP) (1998) (Sweden) (theatrical)
Universal Home Video (1998) (USA) (VHS)
Distribution Company (1999) (Argentina) (theatrical)
Laurenfilm (1999) (Spain) (theatrical)
RCV Film Distribution (1999) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Tohokushinsha Film (1999) (Japan) (theatrical)
Cinéma International Corporation (CIC) (1999) (Sweden) (VHS)
Criterion Collection, The (2004) (USA) (DVD)
Universal Pictures Nordic (2005) (Sweden) (DVD)
Asociace Ceských Filmových Klubu (ACFK) (????) (Czech Republic) (theatrical)
RCV Film Distribution (????) (Belgium) (theatrical)
RCV Film Distribution (????) (Luxembourg) (theatrical)
Universal Pictures Canada (1998) (Canada) (theatrical)
Universal (1998) (France) (theatrical)
América Vídeo (????) (Brazil) (VHS)
CIC-Taft Home Video (????) (Australia) (DVD)
Paris Vídeo (????) (Brazil) (DVD)
Universal Home Entertainment (1998) (USA) (DVD)
Universal Home Entertainment (2006) (USA) (DVD)
Universal Studios Home Entertainment (2010) (USA) (DVD) (Blu-ray)
Universal Studios Home Video (1998) (Canada) (DVD)
Universal Studios Home Video (2006) (Canada) (DVD)
Special Effects
Pacific Title and Art Studio
Peerless Camera Company (visual effects)
ReelEye Company (special effects contact lenses)
Other Companies
BMG Entertainment courtesy of
Capitol Records courtesy of
Direct Tools & Fasteners expendables
EMI-Capitol Special Markets under license from
Gearbox Sound and Vision additional ProTools systems supplied by
Geffen Records soundtrack
Goldcrest Post Production London sound post-production
Sapex Scripts post-production script services
Sony Music Licensing by arrangement with
Sub Pop Records courtesy of
Sylvia Wheeler Film Services negative cutting
Warner Special Products by arrangement with

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