MattyBRaps - Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen "Don't Call Me Baby" Parody ft.Cimorelli

HELP ME TWEET THIS TO CARLY RAE JEPSEN!Click 2 Tweet: B Boys and B Girls! Thanks for watching our parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song, "Call Me Maybe!" I recently had to chance to meet Cimorelli on the beach and... well... this is what happened! I made some true friends! They are extremely sweet and talented but I've realized that teenage girls are crazy and must be approached with caution! :) Be sure to check them out on YouTube and subscribe to their channel too for great music! Keep following your dreams!OFFICIAL MATTYB LINKSMattyB Gear Storehttp://MattyB.Spreadshirt.comMain Channelhttp://www.MattyBRaps.comVlog Channel (Pics) CIMORELLI LINKSMain Channel Provided by All Star Karaokewww.AllStarCustom.cominfo@audio-stream-karaoke.comTo purchase the instrumental track used to record this song, click here!
Pop HipHop-Rap-Funk
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