SiX - Is It Me?


The track is SiX's first single since re-branding.
It's his first taster of what is to come in his upcoming E.P, which will be out after the summer.
"Is It Me? is the question he poses himself when expressing his feelings on his previous relationships.

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These are the things i ask myself...
Prod. By: Karmah Cruz
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Credits:Shot By - @AaronSmalls

SiX's bio:
With a true passion for story telling and lyricism,
London’s very own “SiX” has cemented himself as a true “narrator for the younger generation”.
With pure honesty and transparency, he takes you into his world,
sharing life through his eyes, with the hopes that people relate to his struggles and together are inspired.
New York being his second home has allowed him to soak up culture
from both sides of the Atlantic and these influences are evident in his flows,
rhyming patterns and in his over all Hip-Hop style.
With his street narrative perspective he believes,
people’s struggles, once shared, are halved and this is the cornerstone of his brand and
the legacy he hopes to leave behind.
“Mavro” is the team; “All Black Always” is the motto.

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