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Go Down Records is proud to introduce you CHEAP TEQUILA, the third and
latest album of Small Jackets, who were born in 2000 when drummer Danny
Savanas and singer guitarist Lu Silver joined up to form the group. The
bands discographical debut came after the first three years with Play At
High Level, an album supported by a long tour in which the band played on
stage together with the Swedish sensations The Hellacopters. The second
album, Walking The Boogie, was released in 2006: the evolution towards
harder sounds in the record launched the band into the centre of the
international rock n roll music scene. The mutual admiration between the two
bands was sealed by the track Forever Night, in which Nick Royale and
Robert, singers and guitarists of The Hellacopters, recorded the guitar
solos. Small Jackets incessant live tours and gigs led them to perform as
opening act for a White Flag concert where the band met Chips K (official
guitarist of the band and discographical producer) who noticed them and
decided to produce Cheap Tequila with the band.
A new chapter thus began for Small Jackets: the project took the band to
Sweden, the new promised land of rocknroll. Cheap Tequila was recorded at
the MUSIC A MATIC Studios in Goteborg, it was produced by Chips K (Sator)
and Henryk Lipp, the same couple of sound producers/engineers who created
the sound for and worked in the studio with - THE HELLACOPTERS, THE NOMADS,
SATOR, MILLENCOLIN; Chips has also composed songs for several records of THE
The two producers worked for the first time for an Italian band. The album
the band recorded is a blend of rock n roll, hard rock, boogie and explosive
funky; this sound is quite closer to how the band sounds live, but it was
enriched by the presence of instruments such as the hammond, the piano, the
saxophone and the harmonica, creating vibrant and enchanting tones that
shaped the bands retro attitude with a more modern sound. The record
featured several guests such as Silvertides singer Walt Lafty, who is a fan
of the band; he wrote the lyrics for the song We Got A problem and sang in
it, creating musical atmospheres that sound like the early Soundgarden and
Alice in Chains. The album is heavily influenced by the sound of bands such
as Ac/Dc, Humble Pie, Gran funk Railroad (Small Jackets recorded a cover of
their Are You Ready), Ted Nugent, MotorHead, Ramones, ZZ TOP. This old rock
n roll hard southern style attitude was mixed with protopunk, Detroit hard
rock and Rolling Stones-alike riffs!!! Several singles will be extracted
from the album, the first being Listen To The Rock". Its musical structure
and lyrical message represent an invitation to listen to the music, let
yourself go with it and have fun!!! Its Boogie Hard Rock n roll!!!! Play the
song in a high-quality stereo and get rid of your computer speakers
this is the only way of really appreciating the album and rocknroll music in

Listen To The Rock" è il primo singolo tratto da Cheap Tequila, nuovo album
degli Small Jackets in uscita il 27 marzo per Go Down Records, distribuzione

Si apre così un nuovo capitolo per gli Small Jackets che li ha portati a
registrare nella nuova terra promessa del rock n roll: la Svezia.
Registrato nei mitici MUSIC A MATIC studio di Gotemborg, prodotto da Chips K
(Sator) ed Henryk Lipp, stessa coppia di produttori/ingegneri del suono che
hanno creato il sound degli THE HELLACOPTERS, SATOR, MILLENCOLIN e THE
NOMADS, i due produttori per la prima volta si sono messi in gioco con una
band italiana, facendogli incidere un condensato di rock n roll, boogie,
funky dalla miscela esplosiva, un suono molto vicino ai loro live ma
arricchito da interventi di Hammond, piano, saxofoni ed armonica!
Sangue infetto da Ac/Dc, Gran funk Railroad, ZZ TOP, old rock n roll hard
southern style attitude innestato di Rollinstoniani riff!!!

Ecco due parole sul singolo direttamente da Lu Silver, cantante e fondatore
della band:
«Il nostro primo singolo ci rappresenta in modo particolare: riesce a
trasmettere il nostro messaggio in maniera semplice e chiaraascoltate la
musica ed abbandonatevi ad essa totalmente! "Listen To The Rock" è una
canzone solare che invita ad amare e vivere "l'immortalità" del rock n roll,
lo stesso che portiamo on the road continuamente! Per noi è importante
emozionarci ed emozionare, divertirci e divertire. Anche in questo disco
abbiamo unito la nostra spontaneità ed il nostro modo di essere al
background musicale che ci appartiene. Quando suoniamo dal vivo cerchiamo di
trasmettere l'energia guardando in faccia le persone che abbiamo di fronte!!
Everybody, Everybody, Listen to the music, listen to the rock!!! »

Riprese e montaggio del videoclip sono curate da Enrico Tomei (Vanilla Sky,
Airway, Hey Hey Radio).
BoogiehardRock n roll!!!! Ascoltatelo in un bellimpianto stereo, buttate nel
cesso le casse del vostro computer!!!

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