XTremeVideo - TRIAL I DUST Trailer

A new webseries which covers 3 sports : Motocross, Freestyle Motocross&Trial. This 12 minutes documentary will be released mid july on the Xtreme Video.
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Dust - main goal was to highlight some French Pro Riders in their respective disciplines: Motocross, Freestyle Motocross or Trial. Whatever their journey, riders will tell their stories and give us their vision of sport through this short documentary.
The MX will be represented by three riders. Thomas Ramette, young talent rider of 21 years, who has many years ahead. Fabien Izoird multiple champion of France and Europe who also rode in the U.S. in the same team of Villopoto. And then Florent Richier will make some appearances with mad whips!
For the Freestyle part, Jey Rouanet will welcome us to an idyllic spot on the French country side, "Le Minervois". He will be join by another young talented rider who's competing at X Games&in the Red Bull X-Fighters serie, David Rinaldo!
Finally, regarding the Trial it will be Julien Dupont will be in charge. More than an athlete, Julien is also a great artist. He knows how to show his discipline as anybody. Everything seems simple and smooth with him.

ENJOY 3 trailers to present you those athletes
MX (Thomas Ramette / Fabien Izoird / Florent Richier) here: http://youtu.be/ray08exJ6q4
25 june - FMX (Jeremy Rouanet / David Rinaldo) here: http://youtu.be/-KQKvTej3DU
02 July -Trial (Julien Dupont)

Riders : Julien Dupont /Thomas Ramette / Fabien Izoird / Florent Richier / Jeremy Rouanet / David Rinaldo
Produced&Directed by : Matt Mougel / MM Production
Co-Directed by : Jérémie Brigolle / Lines Up Production
Co-Produced by : X-Treme Video
Original idea from : Matt Mougel&Jérémie Brigolle

Feel it Right Now (Michael Holborn, William Henries)
KOK2353 - UPPM

Special Thanks to : Charel.Fabry @ Pictures Fabric / Julien.P @ Tamron / Cedric @ Taboularaza
Morgan.B @ X-Treme Video / Bruce.W @ X-Treme Video and everybody envolved in this projet!

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