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Young Lye "Jordans #1"

December 6, 2013(New York, NY) -- Ever since Hip Hop’s inception, kicks have
always been a fixture among the genre’s aficionados and artists alike.
In the 80s, it was Adidas, however, for the past 20 years,
the Nike Air and Air Jordan brand have invaded the culture as the
unofficial sneaker of Hip Hop.
In Hip Hop’s cradle of the Bronx, a young lyricist by the name of Young Lye,
which is short for “Young Lion”, has teamed up with Grammy award winning
producer Jimi Kendrix to formulate an ode to the rap game’s favorite kicks with “Jordans #1″.
The QB native who has produced hits for Jay-Z, 2Pac,
and 50 Cent and the BX’s latest Internet sensation who has 200K YouTube views
from such hits as “Drop It 2 Da Floor” and “Don’t Give Up Da Struggle”
have the World Wide Web buzzing with this salute to His Airness’ footwear.
This track also appears on Team Bigga Rankin's "We Got Thje Hookup" Vol. 2 by DJ Cube,
hosted by I Am Breezy Says. 


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