Ivan Kalii Ft The Weeknd - I Got U (Official Viral Music Video)


Cover to los I got u Ft the weekend

Twitter : https://twitter.com/iTsKaliiKal
Instagram : BadGuyKalii
Been gone for a while guys. I'm back with a new one for you.
A new kal's mix hope you enjoy love y'all

With Here I Am Album pushed back until Summer, Kalii Kal makes up for it with an 2 Murder: Premeditated Murder 2 Case [05/20/92]. This project is an appetizer for all his fans that enjoyed his remixes that some say he DESTROY, tackling all sorts of instrumentals from "Murder Bizess" to "FADDED". Kalii Kal may be sorry but we can't blame him for the murders. Follow him @iTsKaliiKal also see exclusive videos from your favorite remixes www.youtube.com/KaliiMusicTv


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