Ivan Kalii " Slim Thick" ( Viral Music Video)


Download Pm3 Mixtape here http://ivankalii.com/ Ivan Kalii Stakes His Claim As A Rising Talent On Pm3 Mixtape Ivan Kalii is a Rapper/Songwriter with a unique style and a producer who loves to play the piano and write poetic lyrics to express his passion for his audiences. As Ivan continuted his passion for music as a child he made his first appearance performing in talent shows at the age of five years old.

By the age of ten, I fell in love with a dream of becoming a mainstream artist. My 5th Grade principle always noticed me playing basketball while rapping. She approached me and said I was good and wanted me to perform at the end of the school year. The experience I felt on stage, I knew I wanted to do this forever. As an artist I am inspired to be great by artist and producers like Brian Micheal Cox, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, Kevin McCall, Bei Maejor, Kanye West and J Cole. The dream of becoming an artist comes from my dedication, passion, and unique style.

I devoted my time to perfect my craft as an artist; I will be great and thrive off the energy of my inspiration of other artists.Rapper/Songwriter Ivan Kalii clearly painted his life picture by exposing his failures in life and showing growth as a artist & person Ivan Kalii consistency leaving fans wanting more music with his 3rd INSTALLMENT Premeditated Murder 3 Mixtape is no doubt a classic mixtape, This project is an appetizer for all his fans that enjoyed his remixes that some say he destroyed tracking all sorts of instrumentals from "Pound Cake" & "Who Do You Love

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