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PSY's Gangnam Style Pushes Justin Bieber's "Baby" to Become the Most Watched Video on YouTube

Published: by Clipclic Filed under: Exclusives Music - 551 Views
Author: Sahil Shaikh
San Bruno,California; November 26 2012:
This Saturday came a good news for the South Korean Pop star (Maybe now a Superstar!) PSY, for his video Gangnam style collected 822 Million total views becoming YouTube's most watched video of all time.
Gangnam style pushed Justin Bieber's Music Video "Baby" to become #1 on YouTube. Bieber's video which was uploaded in 2010 was cemented at the top spot for a long time. One specialty about this video was the dislike figure. Baby received 3,211,993 dislikes which are almost thrice to number of likes this video has received.

PSY has received various International Awards for his video. It is hit in various countries. Various parodies of the music video have been uploaded on YouTube including Obama Style, Mitt Romney Style, Kim Jong style etc.

Along with the music the dance steps performed by PSY in the video are also a hit, During the West Indies Cricket team celebrated the World Cup win this year in Gangnam Style. After this the song became a hit in Indian Subcontinent. PSY tweeted on Saturday, "#GangnamStyle just became the most watched video @YouTube! #History".

Gangnam Style

Here is the detailed statistics of top 10 YouTube Videos:

(The Statistics are corrected until 26th November,2012 10:00 am IST)

Position Video Artist Views Likes Dislikes
1 Gangnam Style PSY 822,158,515 5,450,194 335,304
2 Baby Justin Bieber, Ludacris 805,106,210 1,446,482 3,211,993
3 On The Floor Jennifer Lopez 624,853,729 1,103,237 86,962
4 Love The Way You Lie Eminem,Rihanna 517,474,857 1,216,511 39,768
5 LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem Lauren Bennett, GoonRock 503,301,208 1,637,229 63,567
6 Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) Shakira 501,032,468 538,485 31,053
7 Charlie bit my finger - again ! - 497,912,727 980,282 140,622
8 Bad Romance Lady Gaga 497,549,873 681,700 146,239
9 Ai Se Eu Te Pego Michel Teló 461,639,236 884,200 84,718
10 Danza Kuduro Don Omar 406,583,314 519,698 37,534

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