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Gorillaz: DoYaThing with Andre 3000 and James Murphy

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Author: Tricia Weight

gorillaz_converseFor the latest collaboration in the "Three Artists. One Song." campaign Converse has teamed Gorillaz with OutKast's Andre 3000 and LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy on Gorillaz latest single, "DoYaThing," which is available for listening or free download at

"DoYaThing," is an absolutely amazing song. Undeniable proof that after 10 years of making music, Gorillaz is still packing heat and their ability to lay down ass-spanking, funky, hip hop/pop music has only grown over the years.

In conjunction with the release of "DoYaThing," Gorillaz' Jamie Hewlett has also designed a kickin' new shoe line for Converse.

gorillaz_limited_edition_converseAs my profile says, I have a shoe/ boot fetish--one look at the limited edition Chuck Taylor Gorillaz Collection and it was done. Seriously. Stick a fork in it. These shoes will be mine.

Gorillaz' Damon Albarn has been working on an extended version of "DoYaThing" for a later release (that 13 minute -->explicit<-- version was leaked and hit Youtube today) while Hewlett has been focusing his creative juices on a new video that will capture the funky, wild spirit expressed in both the shoe line and the new song.

Gorillaz celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release of a new compilation album, The Singles Collection: 2001 - 2011, and on February 21st they were honored at the Brit Awards in their native UK with the Outstanding Music Contribution Award. Most important of all, Damon Albarn has also been working in collaboration with his other highly successful Britpop band, Blur, on new material and--in what is sure to become a megaton explosion of pop/punk/funk fusion--Gorillaz are looking at a return to the studio for a new album as well.

So pop over to the Converse website, check out the cool shoes and download the new hot tune, the download button is below the embedded player and it is red. You can't miss it. Gorillaz have also left a message that should make you feel right at home.

"Take a listen and, while you’re at it, get your mucky paws on a Chuck Taylor Gorillaz sneaker, part of the new limited edition collection featuring artwork by Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett. Enjoy the tasty bits, kiddie-winkles."

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Serge Tonnar - Bonjour an Awuer ( Hello and GoodBye )

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Bonjour an Awuer ( Hello and GoodBye )
In order to thematize the subject of dementia, to inform the public and to break the taboo around dementia diseases,
the Ministry of Family, Integration and Greater Region asked
Serge TONNAR to make a  project around the topic of dementia.

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