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Ivan Kalii Stakes His Claim As A Rising Talent On Pm3 Mixtape

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New Music : Ivan Kalii Releases His fourth Mixtape Pm3¡¡is an appetizer for all his fans that enjoyed his remixes that some say he destroyed tracking all sorts of instrumentals from Drake "Pound Cake" To YG "Who Do You Love" & many more ...Download YOUR free copy of Ivan Kalii new mixtape Pm3 which included 14 NEW FIRE Tracks ( 2014 )

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A 'Spellbinding' Debut

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Press Release. 12/12/2012

Film artist Juan Camilo González presents Youthless Project
His debut was catalogued as ‘spellbinding’ by the trendy music channel Noisey part of the VICE MEDIA GROUP while hundreds of bloggers attended the digital premiere and commented on the video’s creative storyline.

Juan Camilo Gonzalez (born march 20, 1990) is a film artist graduated from Prague Film School with a master in Total Design from Instituto Europe di Design and currently majoring in philosophy at Complutense University in Madrid.
Juan’s exploration in the field of the arts contributed to his creative development and capacity to give form to one of his passion’s, music.  The inspiration for this music video comes from the union of sounds, dance, beauty and philosophy. Juan was able to create a film around the music and give the public a story to reflect about.
This video belongs to the Youthless Project, a series of music films with which Juan Camilo wants to attract other musicians and continue with Michel Gondry’s legacy.

Jose González Diaz

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DJ YRS Jerzy partners up with indie label Validity Recordings

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Many artists now a days are taking the independent route to get their music out to the masses and are changing the music industry as we know it. This is also the case for up and comer DJ YRS Jerzy who has been making several moves in the independent market. He is apart of the indie label SKE Records and also decided to connect with Validity Recordings for a distribution deal. Validity Recordings is a new up and coming label that is also on the rise. With the company and DJ YRS Jerzy both working towards their goals with getting their brands out more there was no better plan then to just come together and take over the independent music scene. DJ YRS Jerzy is also the founder of his own management company titled "DYJ Management" which is doing quite well and starting to build traction.

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Are major record labels looking to sign Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy ?

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The duo currently terrorizing the streets and the internet are Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy. They have caught the eye of some major people in the last couple of months. Their consistency of dropping projects is what has people very impressed with them. Being independent with out any funds is hard enough but they are grinding through the struggle to succeed.  They are getting noticed on some of the top hip hop websites out there and also picking up heavy radio play in different states.

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